1930s Vintage Wedding Dress in Slinky Satin, for Real Vintage Bride Emily.

Dear Readers,

Emily is our Vintage Bride of the Week, wearing a beautiful original 1930s wedding dress in ivory satin…

Let’s give Emily a moment to tell the story in her own words…

“My experience with Helena helping me choose my wedding dress was wonderful from start to finish. Visiting her studio of unique and original dresses from every decade made me feel like a child in a sweet shop! We consulted by email beforehand and although I’d decided I was looking for a dress that was 1920s/30s in style I had a wonderful time exploring all the different possibilities.”

“The dress I chose felt so beautiful to wear, the quality and weight of the material was like nothing modern I had tried before and when she showed me the black and white photo of the original bride wearing it in the 1930s I just fell in love with it!”

“I had some ideas for a bespoke headdress too and Helena was so helpful putting me in touch with a contact at HT Headwear which really finished off the look. I visited Helena 4 or 5 times for fittings, even to try the dress with different shoes and each time she was so patient, and welcomed me (and my mum) with a smile, tea and wonderful advice.”

“I can’t recommend the service enough and I felt so special in my dress on the day. Hopefully my smile in these photos says it all!”

I think Emily’s right. Her words and these lovely pictures really do say it all. Such a beautiful, happy bride! I’m delighted to have been a part of her day. If you’d like to know more, or to view my range of original or vintage-inspired dresses, please do contact me



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