My new vintage lace cloche veil, 1930s-style a la Kate Moss.

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Today I’d like to show you the last of my new vintage-inspired veils. This pretty lace cloche or cap veil is inspired by the laid-back glamour of Kate Moss…

Vintage lace veil to complement a 1930s wedding dress. Side view.
My new vintage-inspired cloche veil.
Vintage lace veil to complement a 1930s wedding dress - three-quarter view from behind
Beautiful from all sides, Heavenly’s new full length cloche veil.

In turn, Kate’s veil is based on original lace veils of the 1920s and 1930s, like these beautiful examples…

As they’re modelled on these original vintage veils, my new long cloche veil will of course look perfect with any 1920s or 1930s style wedding dress…

Vintage inspired cloche veil in lace, from Heavenly Vintage Brides - side view with silk rose
Vintage style cloche veil, embroidered edges and handmade silk rose.

These pictures show it with the 1930s-inspired Angel wedding dress from my Heavenly Collection – made in a very fine lace with blush pink underslip. And in the close-up photos, we’ve also teamed it with a short lace jacket.

Vintage inspired cloche veil in lace, from Heavenly Vintage Brides - full length view
My new vintage-style cloche veil, with pretty scalloped edging.

But as Kate shows, this style can look amazing with a more contemporary dress too…

My lovely new veil has a cap defined with French lace. There are many options to make it complement your dress – it can be made full length or hip length, and looks wonderful scattered with diamantes, pearls or crystals. Or it can be embroidered around the edges with flowers and leaves. Here it looks pretty with a handmade silk rose…

Chic and sheer, trimmed with lace edging – my new vintage style veils.

I have these gorgeous veils available now – priced at £145 or £175 based on length and detail. They’re a beautiful and authentic way to complement a fabulous vintage-style wedding dress!

Vintage inspired 1930s veil with 1930s style wedding dress - full length, front view.
The perfect complement to a vintage wedding dress… my new veils range.

I’ve been working on them for a while, and I’m delighted with how they’ve turned out. I hope you agree!



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