Vintage lace wedding dresses – featuring gorgeous Felicity!

Dear Reader,

As our Bride of the Week is Felicity, I thought we’d take a minute to look again at the beautiful lace she is wearing…

For this 1930s inspired Butterfly dress from my Heavenly Collection, we use a family firm of lacemakers in Nottingham. They have been producing some of the world’s finest lace for over five generations…!

Elegant 1930s shoppers look at my exclusive lace!

When I was sourcing the lace for my vintage-style wedding dresses, I looked at ateliers worldwide. It was so exciting to find this wonderful Nottingham company and see their original pattern books – the equal of any couture atelier in France or Italy. (After all, Nottingham was the heart of the world’s lace industry for 150 years.)

We agreed on an exclusive license to produce this stunning quality lace from the 1930s, for my Heavenly Collection dresses. (I was thrilled to find the photo of two elegant 1930s shoppers looking at the exact same lace, recently.)

The lace they make is elegant, strong and drapes beautifully – as you can clearly see in these pictures of gorgeous Felicity who looks so fabulous in it!



Heavenly Vintage Brides

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