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What’s so special about a Vintage wedding dress ?

My lovely original vintage dresses generally pre-date mass production and it is evident when they are handled -the fabrics feel much softer to the touch than many modern dresses and often they have a gentler more flowing feel than contemporary wedding dresses.

The details are quite different to modern dresses ; the necklines tend to be a little higher- sometimes with pretty features like little lace collars,  they may have softly gathered shoulders, or long lace sleeves.

They date from a time when it was not acceptable to show too much, it’s more about subtle suggestion and a more romantic way of dressing. They can be; demure and sweet, swishy and fun, simple and elegant or slinky and sexy depending on the era.

The huge advantage of vintage dressing is that you have almost a century of shapes and styles to choose from !

I work closely with a fantastic Seamstress to make the dresses perfect for my brides. We can ( and do ) update the features of the dress to your taste,  it is however always done in keeping with the feel of the dress – not losing what makes it special. I am very proud of the end results – I strongly feel that my ‘girls’ look wonderful  in their gowns.

You are making a very individual choice when you wear vintage and also a very ‘green’ choice. I do believe every bride should be unique – not wearing a dress ( however lovely ), that can be seen hanging in many dress shops.

KINDLY NOTE All my dresses are cleaned and have been restored with care.

When are you open and where are you ?

I work in my home studio in Brentford in West London.

I am very flexible about when I see my clients, the first visit will take around two hours and is very informal – just to get to know you and try some different things to see what works.

I  see my clients any weekday during the daytime or evening, or Saturday daytime only.  An appointment is required as I only see one client at once, so please contact me to arrange a visit.

KINDLY NOTE You are welcome to bring one or two friends or relations, although some girls can focus better on their own so it is up to you how you feel most comfortable. There is no charge for appointments.

Are the dresses very small, and can you arrange alterations?

Is it true that original vintage dresses tend to be smaller than modern clothing, mostly they are 6/ 8 /10 /12 with a few a little larger. Do get in touch to check what I have in your size.

I work closely with a brilliant seamstress to fit the dresses, vintage pattern cutting is different to modern shaping so fitting is often required.

It is usually possible to make them a bit bigger with the addition of panels or sometimes even simpler methods, and it need not be expensive. We can also make small style changes; adding lace or beading; changing a sleeve etc – to make it perfect for each client.

KINDLY NOTE  my  Heavenly Collection is available in size 6 to 16, please contact me to discuss.

What is the cost of the dresses and what is included ?

It depends on the era and the rarity of the dress but generally my vintage wedding dresses are between £295 and £995, if you tell me your area of interest I can be more specific.

The dresses have been hand-picked because of their lovely fabrics and clever pattern cutting. Each one of my alternative wedding dresses has it’s own charm and has been lovingly cleaned and restored.

I like to offer a proper service to my ‘girls’, it is very important to  me that they feel they have all the help they need to get them looking wonderful in the dress, so I don’t see it as just ‘selling a dress’.

I source appropriate slips, advise on suitable underwear etc, and during the fittings with my seamstress we discuss what my clients would really like and can also make any accessories, veils, sashes etc .

Grace my seamstress, is a joy to work with and also hugely experienced at working with my brides to make it a really lovely experience for them.

KINDLY NOTE  fitting with Grace is charged separately, as it is different for every girl.

For a new vintage-style dress made to order from my Heavenly Collection prices start at £1050, plus fitting or style changes. Prices vary depending on fabric/ dress choice, as general guide the price range is £1050, to £1495.