There are some common questions that every bride has when they’re choosing their dream dress from our varied collections. For anything else you’d like to know, please ask us!

What options do I have?

I offer two types of wedding dress ;

The first are Original Vintage dresses, which have all been cleaned and restored to their former beauty, in some cases small style changes have been carried out to make them wearable for a modern bride who wants a vintage dress but doesn’t want to feel she is ‘dressing up”!
I have around between 65 and 75 dresses at any one time, ranging in age from 1900 to 1970, mostly they fall in the middle of that age range.
You are very welcome to come to my studio to try some on, and I am always happy to offer advice as to which styles will suit you, It is a very relaxed experience, so don’t be shy to contact me.

The second style of dresses I offer are newly made reproduction vintage dresses, often referred to as ‘Vintage Inspired’ or ‘Vintage style’ dresses.
These are shown on my Heavenly Collection page and are available in sizes 6 to 16, please contact me to arrange an appointment to try on samples at my studio in West London.
Do contact me to ask for any further information about the options available, or to discus your requirements, the dresses can often be adapted by my seamstress for an extra cost.

I also stock a small range of headpieces, and veils in my home studio, and we can make accessories to go with the dresses -for example silk sashes, or beaded belts.

When are you open?

I work in my home studio so I am very flexible about when I see my clients, the first visit will take between 1.5 and 2 hours and is very informal, – just to get to know you and try some different things to see what works.
I generally see my clients any weekday during the daytime or evening, or Saturday daytime only, I don’t work on Sunday. An appointment is required as I only see one client at once, so please contact me to make an appointment.
You are welcome to bring one or two friends or relations, although some girls can focus better on their own so it is up to you how ever you feel most comfortable. There is no charge for appointments.

What size are the dresses and can you arrange alterations?

The new Heavenly Collection is available in size 6 to 16, and may require some alterations  to suit your height/ shape, or small style changes, -these are charged separately and are carried out by my wonderful seamstress Grace, please contact me to discuss.

The Original vintage dresses tend to be smaller than modern clothing, mostly they are 6/ 8 /10 /12 with a few a little larger. Do get in touch to check what I have in your size.
If required – it is often possible to make them a bit bigger with the addition of panels or sometimes even simpler methods, and it need not be expensive.
I am fortunate that I work with an excellent seamstress Grace, who is very skilled at fitting vintage dresses, I can arrange for her to be here at subsequent appointments once you have had an initial visit.

With the original vintage dresses we can also make style changes ; like lowering necklines, adding lace trim, removing or adding sleeves etc. – sometimes my clients prefer to ‘make the dress their own’, with a few subtle changes.

Have a peep at some of my ‘Real Brides’ on my Blog and Website, to see how wonderful the finished dresses look on my beautiful brides.

What is the cost of the dresses?

For an Original vintage dress expect to pay between, £400 and £1200, almost all my ‘Original Vintage’ dresses are priced below £1000, and if you tell me your area of interest I can be more specific.
You may also need a budget for alterations or small style changes, depending on your taste. Alterations are carried out by Grace and her charges are very reasonable.
There will usually be two or three fittings if this service is required, you can of course arrange the fittings yourself elsewhere if that suits you better. In some cases very little or no fitting is required, but you may wish to alter a feature of the dress.

For a dress made to order from my Heavenly Collection prices start at £995, plus fitting or style changes ( where possible) . Prices vary depending on fabric/ dress choice, as general guide the price range is £995, to £1495.

The new dresses ( Heavenly Collection ), are made in The UK to very high standards and the fabrics are in some cases unique to my range and my stockists, and cannot be bought elsewhere.
These ‘vintage inspired’ dresses have been developed from vintage shapes and slightly updated, so you have the softness and elegance of a vintage dress but in a slightly more modern way.