Why Vintage?

beautiful bride wearing a vintage 1930s lace wedding dressFrom demure, dainty Edwardian cotton; through slinky 30s bias-cut satin; elegant, sophisticated, well-balanced 40s dresses with soft flowing A-line skirts; flirty, pretty, prom-style 50s; the pared-down aesthetic of the 60s; to the relaxed boho lacy 70s: you are choosing from the best of eighty years of fashion.


I have a carefully curated collection of around fifty dresses, each a really good example from the various decades.

The details are quite different to modern dresses: the necklines tend to be a little higher – sometimes with pretty features like little lace collars, they may have softly gathered shoulders, or long lace sleeves. 

They date from a time when it was not acceptable to show too much: it’s more about subtle suggestion and a more romantic way of dressing.

You are making a very individual and very environmentally-friendly choice when you wear vintage. I believe every bride should be unique – not wearing a dress (however lovely) that can be seen hanging in many dress shops.