1930s vintage inspired wedding dresses, made in my recreated vintage style lace.

This style of lace (Tambour lace) is embroidered by machine, but originally it used to be done by hand on a frame called a Tambour, hence it’s name. It’s a different process to modern woven lace, and intricate designs like this one above are rare. I use all kinds of lace to make my vintage inspired wedding dresses. Clients try on the dress at my studio and then choose lace from samples. I have many vintage original wedding dresses too of course.

Tambour or embroidered lace recreated specially for me, from an original piece of 1930s lace
Angel vintage wedding dress made in my own unique 30s tambour lace.
This lovely design features side buttons, a low back and cape sleeves
Angel again showing the trumpet shaped skirt,( like a soft Mermaid), and more true to the 30s fit than modern gowns. I aim for a very vintage feel with a modern fit !

This wonderful lace gives my made to order 30s lace dresses – Angel, (shown above in another very similar embroidered lace) Violette and Butterfly, a feel of real authenticity and age.

Lovely bride wearing Angel in the lace pictured at top of page, with coffee coloured satin slip
A charming Real Bride wearing Butterfly with feather cape, in a different style of lace.
Butterfly 30s style vintage inspired wedding dress made to order.

The lace is copied from a piece of lace I found, as it had a label attached, I was able to track the manufacturer. It was no longer in production but they agreed to remake it for me. I can make these lovely dresses in many styles of lace but this is one of my favourites. I am currently developing these designs and a new dress 1930s style lace dress ready for next year’s brides !

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