1940s lace wedding dress and jacket – what a darling!

Dear Reader,

For my original vintage wedding dress of the week, I’d like to show you a charming little 1940s lace dress and jacket.

The 40s are sometimes overlooked, getting a little lost between the glamorous slinky 30s and the super-pretty 50s. But I think dresses from the 1940s have so much to offer: from lovely elegant crepe gowns, to sweet and subtle lace styles like this one.

And 1940s dresses are usually an easier fit than those from the 50s. They are less exaggerated, with a softer, more flowing fit. (Although please bear in mind that some fitting will usually be required with any vintage dress, to ensure it’s perfect for you.)

This little darling is priced at £995 including the jacket and swishy rayon fitted slip. Or if you prefer, it can be worn with an extra full petticoat (at an extra charge of £45).

Thanks as always to Robert Lawler for these beautiful photographs. And thanks, Reader, for stopping by.



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