A tribute to Katie, brave and beautiful bride

Dear Reader

This week I received some very sad news, that one of my lovely brides had succumbed to cancer. So I’d like to write a small tribute to Katie.

It is a great privilege to be involved in someone’s wedding at such a happy time in their life. And I meet many lovely girls. But one girl who really stood out for me was Katie.

Katie came for her appointments with her sister Emma and her Mother-in-Law to be, Tricia. Katie was surrounded by their love and care, but I could see that she was very ill.

She was a beautiful girl and so happy to be marrying Peter. Often she came after a hospital appointment which must have been extremely tiring – but she was always brave and smiling. Katie was so sweet and lovely, it was a complete pleasure to have known her.

Katie’s sister Emma is having a baby in six weeks – I hope the new baby will be a comfort to all, and helps all the family come to terms with the huge loss of Katie.

I am deeply sorry for Peter, Emma and Tricia and all the family. Our thoughts are with them.



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