Martina in vintage lace wedding dress and traditional Swedish bridal crown.

Dear Reader,

Our Bride of the Week is Martina, who married in Sweden…

Martina already owned an antique lace overskirt, which she wanted to incorporate into her wedding outfit. So we found a beautiful vintage lace wedding dress that worked perfectly worn together with the overskirt.

To tie the two together, my seamstress Katie also made a pretty sash for the waist using more antique lace and a pale duck-egg blue ribbon.

Martina matched these with an antique lace veil, and the traditional Swedish Brudkronan – an antique bridal crown which is held in the local church for all brides to borrow on their wedding day.

Martina was an absolute joy to work with, and I was delighted when she sent me this charming note…

“Each time my husband and I attend a wedding now it brings us back to our magical wedding day, and makes me think of you and how grateful I am for all the help with my dress!”

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us Martina. We love your look! And thanks, readers, for dropping by today. Have a wonderful weekend.



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