Molly, stunning in a 1960s wedding dress by Priscilla of Boston

Dear Reader

Today I’d like to share some pictures from beautiful vintage bride Molly.

Molly was married last Summer in a stunning 1960s wedding dress. With its gorgeous lace, elegant high neck and long sleeves, the dress has all the hallmarks and details to suggest it is by renowned American designer Priscilla of Boston.

Priscilla of Boston created the wedding dresses for the daughters of two serving American Presidents – including Tricia Nixon’s famously iconic wedding dress.

Her real name was Priscilla Kidder and she is among the foremost American Wedding dress designers of the past fifty years. She also designed Princess Grace’s primrose yellow organdy bridesmaid dresses, above.

This particular dress was a wonderful example of her work and the perfect gown to showcase Molly’s willowy beauty. Molly was a truly stunning bride. You can see her husband clearly agrees!

I’ve also been fortunate to help Molly’s delightful sister Felicity with her dress. Felicity features on the Real Brides page of my website, here. (And here’s a snap from Felicity’s own wedding, showing all her lovely family – Molly is at the front left, of course.)

I can honestly say it has been a huge pleasure to be involved with the whole family, and I am looking forward to more of the beautiful Taylor sisters getting married in the future!

Thanks to Molly’s friend Mairead, who took all the photographs (do email me if you’d like Mairead’s contact details). I’ll sign off with some more images of beautiful Molly and her wonderfully happy day.

Thanks for dropping by. If you’d like to see more 1960s wedding dresses, visit my Original Vintage Dresses page or please do contact me. And do check in again next week – I have a very exciting announcement to make…!



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