Tales from the dress room -part two.

12/07/19 General

Making vintage stylish and contemporary or keeping it beautifully authentic? We can do either for our lovely brides.

Lovely real bride Olivia wearing her her 60s full length vintage wedding dress in a very contemporary way . We simply lowered the front and back necklines.

In Part two of my blog about how I work, I am going to explain how we can update the dresses to make them ‘fashionable’.

If my clients want complete authenticity that is wonderful and I love it, the lovely bride above wore her 30s lace gown in a completely authentic way along with the lovely little original 30s lace cape. I am always aware that other brides like a more updated feel, whilst still being unmistakably vintage. I am proud that each of the brides I have worked with look completely unique, from formal long lace gowns to Boho alternative looks and everything in between. Some dresses need no alteration and just look fabulous as they are, like the beautiful 70s lace dress worn below, looking very stylish and contemporary but still very unlike a modern dress.

Stylish Real bride in a 70s boho wedding dress from my collection
Lisa Jane Photography

We can breathe new life in to the gowns by changing a sleeve or lowering a neckline, or we can keep the original features and show you how to wear it with complete authenticity. Either way you will find a dress that suits your own personal style, even if you are not quite sure what that is yet !

Original 1940s dress with original sleeves removed, lace cap sleeves added and neckline lowered to create a stunning and unique dress which is tailored specifically to the bride.

With some of the older dresses in my collection, for example 40s vintage wedding dresses, the sleeve can have quite a bit of “puff”. We do a very simple alteration if this is not to your taste to eliminate some of the gathering. We can even remove a sleeve and add one to your own design.

We can also lower the neckline in keeping with the age and style of the dresses to make them more flattering, or add any embellishment like lace and beading. The end result is to make the dress truly yours and create a modern stylish vintage look, that manages to balance being from a past era with being modern and fashionable.

Pop back next week and I can explain a little more about how I work with my brilliant seamstress Grace to make the dresses perfect for each bride.

Helena x